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City Sues Man for Letting Historic Dream Home Fall Down

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We tend to think of the members of the Landmarks Preservation Commission as fairly mild-mannered folks who vote with their, uh, votes and the occasional strong rhetoric. But sometimes even the LPC needs to use the long arm of the law. As at 364 Henry Street (right) in Cobble Hill, where the LPC has filed a lawsuit against the homeowner for negligence. The walls of the home, an 1852 brownstone, are cracked, and a neighboring stable is in danger of collapse, The Daily News explains. The vacant buildings are in the Cobble Hill Historic District, and the LPC wants immediate repairs and a fine of $5,000/day going back to March 2009. Owner John Quadrozzi says he's made some repairs and imagines the place as his family's dream home, and the fact that it isn't yet is totally the LPC's fault: "It took me over a year and buckets of money to convince them [a wall] might collapse." We think they're convinced now!
· City sues homeowner over crumbling historic buildings in Cobble Hill [NYDN]