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15 Central Park West's Latest Celeb Opts for the Cheap Seats

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Where does an exorbitantly wealthy celebrity singed by a scandal or two turn when he needs temporary digs in Manhattan? Why, 15 Central Park West, of course, where there's no co-op board to chide you for your steroids abuse or employment as a giant vampire squid or whatever else that's damaged your rep. The latest star to shack up in the building is Kelsey Grammer, and the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil reports he's paying slightly less than the $29,000-per-month asking rent on a 2,500-square-foot, 3BR apartment while he's in town doing Broadway. Is it possible to be disappointed by a 15 CPW apartment? Perhaps!

It's only temporary, but the apartment is a bit amateur hour when it comes to the Limestone Jesus. There's only a sliver of a park view (from a bedroom, no less), and the unit is on a floor low enough to be directly in the sight lines of 15 CPW's "House" building across the courtyard. A-Rod is paying slightly more for slightly less, but at least he can keep the prying eyes of his fellow masters of the universe out of his bedroom.

There's no doubt that if Grammer was looking for full-time accommodations, he'd probably go for something a bit more grand, but he'd have to beware the co-op. Keil's column also has an item on the board at 720 Park, which is reportedly giving buyer Jamie Tisch a hard time over her "choice in men," and made one resident agree that his new wife would not inherit his apartment in the event of death or divorce?probably not the newlywed well-wishing he was hoping for from his neighbors.

Here's Frasier's floorplan:

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023