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Developer Has Big Plans to Dorm Long Island City

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Last time we heard from Long Island City address 30-30 Northern Boulevard, it was an undeveloped plot of land (once home to the Runway 69 strip club) owned by developer Edward Minskoff, who was trying to make up his mind whether to turn it into an office building or a dormitory. Construction was supposed to start in 2009. Well, it's 2010, and though the site still stands empty, progress is happening! Minskoff will go before Community Board 1 next month with a proposal for a 1,650-bed dormitory, plus retail, a storage facility, an underground parking lot, a soccer field, and a basketball court.
CB 1 already sent Minskoff home once because they worried he would be unable to get college student tenants and would use the site as a single-room occupancy building, the Daily News reports. But the developer says he's had interest from eight schools and just needs a zoning variance to switch the site from manufacturing to dorm use. If a school backs out, he'll go back to the office building plan. Hey, we know NYU hasn't always been LIC's #1 fan, but maybe it'll step up to help Minskoff out?
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