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Upscale Supermarket to Silence DoBro's Doubters (for Five Minutes)

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The knock on many on-the-rise neighborhoods ("There's no supermarket!") will soon no longer apply to Downtown Brooklyn. Crain's reports that an 11,000-square-foot "upscale and eco-friendly" grocery store is coming to the ground floor retail space of Toren, the somewhat polarizing luxury condo tower along the Flatbush Avenue corrider of new high-rise residential buildings. The store, called "a great shopping destination for residents throughout downtown Brooklyn" by a Toren developer (there's certainly not much competition) will have prepared foods, a sushi bar, cooking classes and outdoor, café-style seating. The store will be run by a family that operates other supermarkets around town, and there's no name yet, but we're hereby offering up our suggestion of DoBro FroYo & More, Yo. As for what's going on upstairs at Toren, the 240-unit building is 52% in contract or sold.
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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201