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Broome Street Carriage Factory Ditches Horses for Humans

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A grand old stack of bricks at 372 Broome Street is getting redone for residential, right around the corner from some new hotel craziness and in the middle of the Little Chitaly melting pot. Owner Ross Morgan, under the name Little Red House and with guidance of architect Randall Collins, is converting the former factory into 14 units of residential on five floors above the corner of Broome and Mott. The cornice atop the articulated red-brick facade has been restored, newly installed brownstone arches now frame doorways on Mott, and the cast iron storefront along Broome, bold in black, looks as good as new. But getting this beauty all buffed and ready has been no easy task.

The renovation required restructuring below grade, necessitated by water damage around the old basement supports. Then there was the court case over the property's lot line, which Morgan won by default. StreetEasy shows that a lower level "unique space" was listed for $23,750 per month back when conversion began, but that spot is now shown as "no longer available." Down on the street, framed by restored cast iron, a "Corner Prime Retail Location Ideal for Bank/Pharmacy" is up for grabs, as noted in a recent Craigslisting and available at $26,000/month for 2500ft².

When the six-story building went up in the 1800s it housed carriage manufacturers, first by Brewster & Co. and later Flandrau & Co.. This was back in the day when Broadway was lined with fancy buggy showrooms, not the big outdoor mall that shoppers now flock to see. Horses ruled the town, and a few doors to the west of 372 Broome, where the little Most Holy Crucifix church now stands, a stable stood for many years. By the mid-1900s the building was home to DeMartini Globe Canvas, the "undisputed original" creator of the NYC bike messenger bag. Now the building is reaching the end of its latest transformation. There's no word yet on availability for the residential units upstairs, but the tipline is always open.
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372 Broome Street, New York, NY