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Battery Park City's New Teardrop Ready to Get Wet & Wild

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Battery Park City's long-delayed Teardrop Park South, sitting in the shadow of the once-troubled Riverhouse, will finally open on May 12. Designed by the team from Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, the new Teardrop South completes the pocket park package in BPC North, where the original Teardrop opened in 2006. This new section has two water features that will delight kids of all ages: A moving sheet of filtered and purified water that skims across panels of rippled blue stone, and a gushing spring set within big blocks of Devonian sandstone. A stacked wooden amphitheater offers a place both for hanging out and climbing, plus seating for presentations by Poets House, where a big glass garage door can be raised to create a canopied stage.

Limited sunshine in this shaded park (it's surrounded by the U-shaped Riverhouse) is augmented by heliostats atop buildings across Murray Street, reflecting light down into the gardens that wind through the park. Four times each day these monster mirrors, all timed to move with the sun, present a dance of light across the park. One technician noted that if all those mirrors were focused onto a single spot (nannies can rest assured this will never happen) the temperature there would zoom to 200 degrees. Then BPC parents would have their own Van Valkenburgh hot spot to shout about.
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Teardrop Park South

2 River Terrace, New York, NY