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Cooper Square Hotel's Homer Simpson Homage Coming Down

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A tipster alerted us this morning that the graffiti mural on the side of the Cooper Square Hotel was getting painted over. By the time we snapped the above photo, only the forehead of the mural's Homer Simpson look-a-like remained. D'oh! Hotel mastermind Klaus Ortlieb commissioned four graffiti artists to create the mural. It's supposed to be replaced annually, but since it's only been up for about six months, we're awaiting word on whether this was an executive order from Barack Obama issued after his tour of the Bowery yesterday. Maybe he's more of a Family Guy fan?

UPDATE: Ortlieb tells us Homer's being removed to make way for a new mural from street artist Shepard Fairey (who's already put one piece of artwork on the Bowery this week). The new mural will be brighter, in honor of spring. We also hear Fairey will be putting up art at the Ace Hotel.
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