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Giant Monster Set to Clear a Path for Second Avenue Subway

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Last month the MTA offered proof that the business-destroying Second Avenue subway construction on the Upper East Side is not just an elaborate and cruel hoax. This month the MTA's mission is just to scare the bejeesus out of us. The agency has published a new set of photos showing the assembly of the massive and mean Tunnel Boring Machine down in the shell of what will one day be the 96th Street station. The TBM will be launched from one of the two starter tunnels in May, so if you start to feel some rumbling in about a week, fear not, Upper East Siders, that's just a 200-ton cutting head eating its way through the ground beneath your bed. Sweet dreams! Phase 1 of the future T line is now scheduled for a December 2016 completion, for those keeping track.
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UPDATE: Now with haunting video clip! Check it out...