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Hang Out in the Gucci Hot Tub for $60,000 Per Month

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This 7BR apartment in Midtown's Olympic Tower has belonged to high-end fashion family the Guccis since the 1970s. But the current owners, Maurizio Gucci's daughters, don't actually live there, and now they're trying to rent the place out, the Wall Street Journal reports. For $60,000 a month. (That handbag looking cheaper now?) The place comes unfurnished, so there won't be any Gucci interior design, but there's still a hot tub. And sure, there are other rentals available in the building for as low as $4,500/month, but this is Gucci we're talking about. Accept no knockoffs!
· Listing: Fifth Avenue Rental [BHS]
· Guccis Offer Apartment for $60,000 a Month [WSJ]

Olympic Tower

645 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022

Olympic Tower

641 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY