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Summer Blockbuster: Williamsburg's Edge Finally Opening

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Some thought the day would never come. It still hasn't. But soon! Edge, the mammoth Williamsburg waterfront condoplex so long in the making?it topped off back in November '08?will open to residents this summer. "That's just a few short weeks away!" the Edge website cheerfully notes. A website that has been revamped now that the final countdown is on. There are new photos of actual units (seen in the gallery above), and just in case you didn't get the checklist, there's also a map laying out all the amenities that make the 565-unit development Kent Avenue's most fabulous resort community. For lottery losers or those not handpicked by Steve Buscemi, prices on the availability page range from $390,000 for a studio up to $2.735 million for a 3BR, 3.5BA "townhouse" unit. A penthouse reportedly sold for a 'Burg record $5.145 million just after Lehman fell, so we're sure that buyer is thrilled to finally be closing on his purchase.
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34 North 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY