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East Side Co-op Board Plays the Name Game

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How do fancy East Side co-ops get their names? When the property manager needs something short enough to fit on the pocket of the new building staff member uniforms and calls on the co-op board to help. Happily for us, the board at 209 East 56th Street let the Times in to see how the sausage gets made. The property manager told the board to come up with "'a grand name' for the building, not something like 'Poodle or some ridiculous name.'" The board members polled residents and got back suggestions like the Bermuda, the Sterling, Sutton Grand or Prestige. But when they narrowed it down to a few finalists and asked for a second vote, no one was happy. Time for round two! Another request for names, another vote, and the majority of residents ended up picking a name from the first round. 209 East 56th Street will henceforth be known as the Sterling. Yeah, we woulda voted for Poodle.
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