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New Old Media: Wall Street Journal's New York Section Debuts

What death of print? Please welcome the Wall Street Journal's "Greater New York" section, debuting today. We scanned the beginnings of what looks to become a pretty robust real estate section to bring you this highlight reel:

1) The Mark's troubles have been making headlines lately, and the Journal adds to the reports with the news that there are actually four buyers trying to back out of their signed contracts. And the hotel's not doing much better, with occupancy rates under 70 percent.
2) With a photo that will gross-out any rodent-phobic readers, the Journal also blows the manhole cover off the Upper East Side's Second Avenue subway-induced rat problems. In the East 90s along Second Avenue, says one resident, there are so many rats at night it looks like the street's wriggling, a mental image we'll have a hard time scrubbing out of our brain before our next trip uptown.

3) Fancypants auction house Christie's is about to open its high-end art storage facility at 62 Imlay Street. The building will house clients' collections, each probably worth more than the actual building. Oh, Red Hook!

There's also a fun-looking "House of the Day" feature. Today's is the funky Warren Street penthouse owned by businessman Edward Bazinet, still trying for that $28 million sale. Hey, guy gets points for persistence.
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