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Fairey Lands at Cooper Square Hotel; Search for the Ugliest Lobby

EAST VILLAGE?Homer Simpson is gone forever, and now loved/hated muralist Shepard Fairey is in the process of taking over the wall on the side of the old Bowery building attached to and owned by the Cooper Square Hotel. A tipster forwards along a fresh shot of the site, still a bit raw and for now lacking puncture wounds. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NYC?We tend to shy away from publicity-driven contests, but this one's a downright public service. BC Exchange's Ugly Lobby contest will reward one building's design sins with a gratis $25,000 makeover. Per the website, the contest is open to co-op and condo buildings within the five boroughs larger than 30 units. The nominator has to be a resident, building employee, managing agent or realtor, and if the "winning" board says no thanks, the runner-up will get the makeover. Contest open to ugly hallways, too! []

LONG ISLAND CITY?Writes a tipster, "I am in Long Island City and we have brown water this morning." As you were. [CurbedWire Inbox]