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Midtown's Setai, Opening in November, Finally Shows Its Stuff

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Little has been revealed so far about the Setai Fifth Avenue, the 57-story limestone hotel/condo tower just north of the Empire State Building that kept climbing during the downturn's darkest days. Now we know almost everything! The Midtown Setai, with weird jagged windows and a massive steel crown designed by Gwathmey Siegel, is not to be confused with the FiDi Setai on Broad Street, which is just condos and not a hotel. The Setai Fifth Avenue now has a website that says the building will open on November 1. That's a topaz birth stone, in case you want to get it a gift.

The fact sheet has all the details on the bells and whistles: the second-floor restaurant ("showcasing cuisine of the Mediterranean and Riviera"), the bar, the gym, the spa (complete with ice cave and "co-ed wet thermal areas") and more. The 190 condos, starting at the 31st floor, have a separate entrance at Fifth Avenue and 36th Street and their very own corner of the Setai website. This is where things get really interesting.

The brokerbabble is thick?"condominium owners at The Setai Fifth Avenue are a rare and fortunate group who savour the subtleties of European luxury"?but we urge a full exploration. Finally, we've got renderings and floorplans (and videos!) for the units, including the big reveal of what those oddly shaped windows will look like from the inside. There's also a look at the indoor/outdoor residents' lounge on top of the wider base of the building, which looks like the most tranquil urban sanctuary you're likely to find along this stretch of Fifth Avenue.

There are tiny one-bedrooms up to expansive penthouses, but here's what we're missing: How much these babies will cost. No listings online yet, but if they hope to attract buyers before November, we imagine that'll change soon. There's an appointment-only sales office on the 28th floor of 712 Fifth Avenue, according to the info page. In better times, we could see these units asking roughly $1 kazillion per square foot. Now? Let the guessing game begin! In the gallery above: too many renderings and construction shots. Sorry, we couldn't decide?we've got Setai fever! Hopefully it's not fatal.
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Setai Fifth Avenue

400 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

The Setai Fifth Avenue

400 5th Ave., New York, NY 10018

Setai Fifth Avenue

400 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY