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Emerald Green Landlord Plans Another Rental Across the Street

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Landlord Glenwood Management has been buying up parcels in the Garment District for a few years, most recently with the opening of megarental Emerald Green. Now Glenwood is planning a, brace, new 25-story rental across the street, at 330 West 39th Street. That's right: a new rental, with The Stephen B. Jacobs Group signed on as the project architect. (Does that mean we can expect light shows and drug storage?)

Has Glenwood just put the defibrillator to new building construction? Company exec Gary Jacob cheerfully tells the Observer that the plan, for a 199-unit building (with 40 affordable units) on what is now a parking lot, is a sign of the company's long-term confidence in the neighborhood. Of course, when it will actually get built is a whole other matter.
· Sign of the Times? Glenwood Plots New 25-Story Development Near Lincoln Tunnel [NYO]

330 West 39th Street

330 West 39th Street, New York, NY