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Couple Assembles Mini Empire in Heritage at Trump Place

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Giving new meaning to the term buyer's market are Rebekah Mercer and Sylvain Mirochnikoff. The couple, a baker and financier, used family money to make their first purchase in Heritage at Trump Place, a 4BR, 2,901-square-foot condo they got for $7.5 million in the fall of 2008. Then they bought another condo. And another. And another. And anoth?okay, we'll stop now. The couple now has six apartments that take up most of floors 23 through 25, a total of 13,962 square feet. That is, the Wall Street Journal informs us, a quarter of the size of the White House, or one of the craziest potential 17-bedroom combo triplexes ever (though this one might give it a run for its money). Of course, the owners of the few remaining units on the three floors say they won't go. But we imagine there are ways of making them change their minds.
· Six Apartments May Make One [WSJ]