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Garibaldi on the Move in Washington Square Park

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Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, a resident of Washington Square Park since 1888, recently wandered from his perch opposite the park's realigned and renovated fountain. Perhaps he became disoriented during the annual smoke fest, or maybe he made a defensive move to thwart another attack by the tough Tucci gang. Most likely Giuseppe simply stepped down from his old granite pedestal, moving a few steps southward to inspect the site of his new home, now under construction a few yards away.

For the past 122 years, Garibaldi, famed liberator of the oppressed and ardent advocate against slavery during our own Civil War, has faced west towards the park's central plaza (the stories he could tell!). But for now, he silently stands amid the chaos of construction, facing north for the first time. He looks pissed.
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Washington Square Park

84 Washington Square East, New York, NY