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Martha Stewart's Perry Street Place Now Flying Solo for $15.9M

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Even the PriceChopper couldn't sell the triplex at 173 Perry Street, a two-unit combo that lowered its price from $25 million to $21.5 million in a last-ditch bid for buyers. Which means it's time for the PriceChopper's less popular cousin, the FloorChopper, to clean up the mess. The listing for the triplex, owned by financier Gilbert Lamphere, has been pulled. And it looks like the triplex was never actually combined, because in place of that listing is one for an "architect ready" duplex penthouse that's really just #PH-N, Martha Stewart's old place. Stewart sold it to Lamphere for $6.65 million in 2004. So how much for those same two floors in 2010? Lamphere's hoping for $15.9 million. Sheesh! Martha's open houses probably had better cookies, too.

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173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014