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Another VIP Wants Hell's Kitchen Powerhouse Turned Into Museum

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McKim, Mead, and White's gorgeous Beaux-Arts IRT Powerhouse in Hell's Kitchen, a massive full-block building that is now a Con Ed steam plant, has become a cause célèbre among the city's preservation elite. Now the campaign to landmark the powerhouse and convert it into a highbrow cultural destination similar to London's Tate Modern has added a very high-profile supporter to its ranks: Graydon Carter.

The Observer's Eliot Brown reports that Mr. Monkey Bar has met with city officials, community groups and developer Douglas Durst in recent weeks to discuss moving the International Center of Photography (currently in a Durst-owned building) into the Eleventh Avenue behemoth. Carter is "hot and heavy" about the plan, a source tells the paper, but there's one itty-bitty problem: Con Ed still uses the building, and has no intention of giving it up. But with friends like these, anything is possible, and the goal is to raise enough money to buy the building and figure out a replacement site that meets Con Ed's needs. Pledge drive at the Waverly Inn?
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