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Buying in Brooklyn's Silhouette Will Basically Save a Forest

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Location: 272 21st Street in the South Slope
Size: 4 units
Prices: $859,000 to $930,000
Architect: Coggan+Crawford
Developer: GreenEnvy Development, Summit Strategic Advisory, Giancola Contracting and Ridge Iron Works
Sales & Marketing:
Lowdown: Joining the green party is the South Slope's Silhouette, a small building that's hoping to pull in buyers with energy and water efficiency and use of recycled materials. No trendy wind turbines here, but the building does want you to know it's LEED-Platinum certified and "the hardwood flooring is all reclaimed white oak from existing warehouses sparing 1/6 of an acre of timber forest." Since the only building amenity advertised in the listings is a bike rack, it looks like the building doesn't just talk the talk, it also rides the, uh, bike ride. And, happy belated Earth Day, the developer will pay closing costs through the end of the month.
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The Silhouette

272 21st St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

The Silhouette

272 21st Street, Brooklyn, NY