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Epic Drugstore War Coming to Williamsburg Waterfront

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Neighbors and rivals Northside Piers and Edge have long competed for condo buyers, but soon the Kent Avenue complexes will duke it out for condom buyers. Northside Piers added a big Duane Reade store, which brought a much needed convenience store to the area?even if the way it glows at night against the somewhat barren Kent Avenue backdrop looks a bit UFO-like. Now, the Post's Lois Weiss reports that Edge, set to welcome buyers this summer, has inked a deal for a 24-hour CVS. The CVS at Kent and N. 6th Street will take four of the Edge's retail spaces and combine them into a 13,000-square-foot megastore that will open in seven months. This little corner of the 'Burg is about to be awash in Vitaminwater; is the neighborhood big enough for the both of them?
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