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Developer's New Coney Island Looks a Lot Like Old Coney Island

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Though Thor Equities developer Joe Sitt already came out the big winner in the Coney Island redevelopment battle?flipping some of his land to the city for $95 million while keeping six acres to build on later?the executioner of Astroland is not done pissing off Coney diehards. Last week, blog Amusing the Zillion speculated that Sitt planned on tearing down a number of old Surf Avenue buildings before any could be considered for landmark protection. Yesterday Sitt revealed his plan to do just that.

Sitt will replace the old buildings?home to many small food retailers and amusement games?with cheapo new one-story buildings that will be home to ... many small food retailers and amusement games. To add to the excitement, Sitt's company released the tantalizing rendering seen above that includes a faux Burger King and Taco Bell. The Observer writes that the new buildings (which aim to be done by summer 2011) will be placeholders for future development, like the hotels Sitt hopes to build once the city's redevelopment project kicks into high gear.

As for Sitt's tattered and empty tents along Stillwell Avenue?home to last summer's debacle of a flea market?don't expect those to be going anywhere anytime soon. The Daily News writes that the Hammer of Thor will just let those eyesores rot for a while. You know, if Sitt was truly a smart businessman, he'd strap on that Shoot the Freak suit and charge people a bundle to shoot paintballs at his crotch.
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