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Attorney General Wants to Get to the Bottom of Apthorp Drama

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Today the Times digs deeper into the rumors that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and his team inspected the Apthorp this past weekend. Cuomo's office signs off on all co-op and condominium conversions, but since this is the Apthorp we're talking about, this wasn't exactly your standard inspection. Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal tells the Times Cuomo's review of the Apthorp has been "unusually detailed," involving interviews with buyers to make sure they're legit (the building needed at least 25 sales to stay alive) and conversations with tenants living unhappily through the renovations at the problem-plagued conversion. Given all the drama and confusion going on up at Broadway and 79th Street on a daily basis, none of this seems very surprising.
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Apthorp Building

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