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East Village Mystery Building Coming Back From the Dead

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EV Grieve sounded the alarm today when he posted photos of workers messing with 147 First Avenue and a rumor that the long-vacant brick building at the corner of 9th Street is destined for a date with the wrecking ball. Something is definitely going on in the creepy old-timer, but it doesn't appear to be an execution. A permit was just approved for interior renovations on the four-story, 31-unit building.

The owner is named on the permit as Terrence Lowenberg, a hotshot young developer whose Icon Realty recently tussled with Robert A.M. Stern over fees owed. This time around Lowenberg is employing a Stern of a bit less distinction: The notorious Issac & Stern firm is listed as the architect. No doubt the 'hood will be keeping close watch.
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