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360 Smith Street: Crosswalkpocalypse in the Making?

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The artist formerly known as 360 Smith Street and currently dubbed Oliver House has been a Carroll Gardens controversy since way before the shovels hit the ground. But a Curbed reader has a brand new gripe with the under-construction condo building. Subject line: "Just like Frogger - except you really could die!" Here's what he has to say:

As a local resident who uses the 2nd Place subway entrance daily, the construction at 360 Smith is a real nightmare. But now its become dangerous.
These pictures were taken at 10:47am this morning. This is the only crosswalk at the junction, and our cement truck driver can be seen eating his sandwich in the sun while his truck is parked on top of the crosswalk and pedestrians are left to dodge the traffic and other construction vehicles.

FYI, local precinct, constriction company and cement company have all been contacted and complaint registered.

Is the traffic on this block really so bad that a massacre is a given? Also, who eats a sandwich while standing in the middle of the road? We defer to the locals to offer input on these mysteries.
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Oliver House

360 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY