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Preservation May Not be on Deck for Admiral's Row Timber Shed

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The terms of the original cease-fire for Admiral's Row were these: the city would preserve two buildings in the Brooklyn Navy Yard's strip of rundown former officers' homes. The rest of the row was to be demolished for development. The two lucky recipients of a last-minute pardon were the Timber Shed, the last building of its kind still standing in the country, and Building B, the site's oldest house. Now, just after the city announced plans to bring a ShopRite to the rest of the site, it turns out it might not be possible to save the Timber Shed after all. Ruh-roh! Brownstoner reports the Timber Shed?which made the cut based just on historical merit?might not be stable enough for preservation and might be replaced with "something with the same footprint that is similar in type and feel." But there are about a thousand more steps that have to be taken before that would happen. Use this time well, preservationists.
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