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Garfield Sparta Shakes Off Controversy and Seeks Buyers

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Former development battleground 580 Carroll Street, aka Garfield Sparta, has now been on the market for about a month. And the slightly battle-scarred project?"this building was not exactly a good business decision," says developer Sean Ludwick?is actually doing okay for itself, according to the Daily News. Eight of the 17 units have offers and three contracts have been signed. "I know when people come to this building they will be emotionally affected," says Ludwick, a conclusion we imagine he came to while the Board of Standards and Appeals was yelling at him the second time for wanting to put townhouses in Garfield Sparta's front yard.
Norten, who originally saw his building as "country living" for Park Slope/Gowanus DMZ straddlers, also seems to have a new understanding of the project: "There are people with a modern soul who live or want to live in this neighborhood." And what does a modern soul want if not angry "emotionally affected" neighbors?
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580 Carroll St

580 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215