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Download The New & Improved Corcoran iPhone App

Four more reasons to give it a whirl. Download it today. >>
1) Interactive floorplans for NYC and Hamptons listings (zoom in, pan around, go crazy) and more info on all listings pages.
2) Push notifications about open houses that meet your search criteria—delivered to your phone every day.
3) Direct links to the full listings details on
4) One-step sharing capability—via email or text.

This month, they dropped an update with some added bells and whistles. Here's what's new:

This winter, our friends at Corcoran unveiled a shiny new iPhone app, putting the joy of Corcoran listings in the palm of your hand. The app has the full suite of search capabilities for rental and sales listings, plus useful bonus features like a "Get Out Nearby" button and a direct connection to Foursquare (because nothing builds real estate envy like a check-in at a $10 million open house).