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Chelsea Enclave Apartments Come With Million Dollar Discounts

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Forgive us, o Lord, for saying that things are getting boring over at Chelsea Enclave now that closings are happening. We were wrong. Turns out there's still plenty that's of interest in those closing prices. Last we looked, the best bargain nabbed by any buyer at the luxury condop (which is on the grounds of Chelsea's General Theological Seminary) was close to 19 percent off, with most in the low teens. But the highest discount now is 25.9 percent, or about $1.25 million off #4J, which was listed for $4.81 million and sold for $3,563,875.

It looks like #4J's discount wasn't a total fluke, since #4D and #2J also recorded sales at about 22 percent off the most recent list prices. So far, only a penthouse has managed to make it past the $4 million mark, which means maybe that $10.75 million 4BR still on the market should start praying.
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177 Ninth Avenue

177 Ninth Ave, New York, NY