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Double the Listings, Double the Fun for $11.5M Flatiron Penthouse?

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How many listings does it take to sell a Flatiron loft asking $11,495,000? Two, or so the seller hopes. One by owner, and a second listing from luxury real estate superhero Leonard Steinberg. Does the 5 East 17th Street penthouse have enough quirky amenity juice to fill two listings? Seems to! Enter through the "350-year-old entrance from ancient Gujarat" and find a "state-of-the-art recording and telecommunications center" taking up one of the four bedrooms. Then there's the approved but unbuilt rooftop addition, consisting of a guest suite, zen garden, fire pit, and lap pool. And if the not-yet-constructed fire pit's not keeping you warm enough? There's also a "walk-in wood burning fireplace." Just don't, um, actually walk in. We'd hate to have that on our conscience.

· Listing: 5 East 17th Street [Elliman]
· Listing by owner: 5 East 17th Street [StreetEasy]

5 East 17th Street

5 East 17th Street, New York, NY