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Toll Brothers' Dumbo Development Shows Its Other Side

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Tomorrow Toll Brothers will take its application for a new 67-unit condo building at 205 Water Street in Dumbo to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which has final say over the proposed concrete and rust-colored building. Designed by architects GreenbergFarrow as a gritty homage to the formerly industrial 'hood, 205 Water Street has already given curious Dumboites a peek at its Plymouth Street facade, but in advance of the building's date with the LPC here's a look at the Water Street side (above) as well as some before-and-after shots of the site, currently a vacant lot. Any reason this proposal won't sail through the approvals process?
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UPDATE: As a commenter points out, the refreshed LPC itinerary shows that the Toll Brothers' application has been laid over. Dumbo will just have to wait a bit longer.

205 Water Street

205 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY