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John Jay College Expansion Innocent Until Proven Glassy

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Is there one institute of higher learning in this town that's happy with how it looks? Joining NYU, Columbia, Fordham and the New School in the makeover chair is the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, with an expansion project from the architects at SOM. We gotta say: Its frits and blushing fins are sucking us in. The $557 million facility is rising between 58th and 59th Streets along Eleventh Avenue, 14 stories of reflective glass sandwiched between rising condo towers (such as those at Riverside South) and the grand old IRT Powerhouse that's a target of preservationists. The "academic city within a city" will have 627,000 square feet of classrooms, labs and communal space for the sleuths of tomorrow, and an open and landscaped urban quad (Arch Daily has a good rundown). The project should wrap up in the summer of 2011.
· Expansion Project [John Jay College]
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860 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY