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War of Words Breaks Out Over New West Village Restaurant

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Those nasty proprietor-vs.-NIMBY battles that spice up all those long and stuffy community board meetings rarely spill out into the streets, but then again, most neighborhoods aren't the West Village. Eater brings word of a hilarious/sad (depending on how you view such things) war raging between the owners of Bedford Street restaurant Snack Taverna and the residents?or resident??who want to keep them from opening a new 18-seat restaurant across the street at 60 Bedford. Each side has been pleading its case through a barrage of fliers posted around the neighborhood, with the restaurateurs even going so far as to point out that they were the ones who first called the FDNY when a fire broke out on the block. Oh that wacky West Village! Will the next wave of outrage be over the trees that are being killed to print all those signs?
· Angry Neighbors Take Snack Taverna Fight to the Streets [Eater]