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Mayor Asks Landlords to Stop Letting Tenants Break the Law

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Back in 2008 the city's crackdown on Canal Street bootlegging came down hard on a group of buildings known as the "Counterfeit Triangle." In all, 32 storefronts were shuttered and have remained closed as a lawsuit against the Counterfeit Triangle's landlords progressed. Today the mayor's office announced a settlement that will "reopen a key block of Manhattan's Chinatown," according to a press release.

Terms of the deal call for the property owners to pay the city $800,000 and use their real estate for legitimate purposes. They need to be told that? "Property owners should know that they are responsible for what goes on in their buildings," Mayor Bloomberg said, so apparently they do. The scared straight buildings are: 224-230 Canal St. (right); 232 Canal St.; 234-238 Canal St.; 106 Baxter St.; 112-116 Walker St.; 118 Walker St.; 120-124 Walker St.; and 152-156 Centre St. Behave!
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Photo via PropertyShark