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Some People Really Want Queens Megaproject to Happen

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Flushing Commons is the mixed-use Queens megaproject that just keeps on keepin' on despite occasional rumors of its demise. The plan is to build what amounts to a small village on top of a municipal parking lot in Flushing, and to the surprise of many, the project has made it to the land-use review process. The public land-use review process, of course, which means rowdy scenes like the one last night at a community board vote on the project (it passed). Every local faction in Flushing has a beef with or stake in Flushing Commons, and that includes construction workers who apparently need to be put on suicide watch if it doesn't shake out. Sadly we don't have pictures, but a tipster tells us opponents marched a coffin from the Flushing Commons site to the CB meeting. Cheer up, folks: The Mets are undefeated!
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