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Free Parking at Tribeca Deathstar; Cobble Hill's Wildlife Refuge

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TRIBECA?We try to stay clear of the AT&T Long Lines Building because it's absolutely terrifying, but one angry local got close enough to file this complaint: "The AT&T Deathstar building on Thomas Street has turned its park into 7 sweet off-street parking spaces. Lovely use of 'public' space don't you think? No skateboarding. But parking your car for free? No problem!" If the building is the Deathstar, does that make those Darth Vader's wheels? Maybe it's best not to get involved. [CurbedWire Inbox[

COBBLE HILL?Vital update on the Amity Street Horror from a tipster: "Back in Feb 2010 a hawk spent a month dining on rats, pigeons and squirrels. Then in 2009 this tipster saw a very large raccoon. Now I have now found an opossum. It seems to me that 110 Amity Street is our very own nature preserve!" Look at that crazy thing, running around like it owns the freakin' place! Which, hey, it could! [CurbedWire Inbox]

110 Amity Street

110 Amity Street, Brooklyn, NY