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Historic Cobble Hill Towers Officially Going Condo

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The first hint of its possible fate came last summer with the "red herring" offering plan, but it's a red herring no longer: Cobble Hill Towers is going condo! Brownstoner reports the State Attorney General has approved the condo plan, a joint venture between the current owner and the Hudson Companies (the same folks behind J Condo). Renters in the nine-unit 1879 building have the option to stick around and keep renting, or they can buy their apartments at insider rates that range from $230,000 for a studio to $595,000 for a three-bedroom. What about the poor schlubs who missed the 131-year window to get in on the deal? Market-rate prices so far go from $350,000 for a 1BR to $500,000 for a 2BR.
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