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Donny Deutsch's Rendering Man Wants to Get Paid

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How much is a batch of unused renderings for a $21 million Upper East Side townhouse worth? About $11,000, which is the amount that architectural renderer Andrew Hickes says he's owed for illustration work on advertising guru/TV personality Donny Deutsch's renovation at 6 East 78th Street. Hickes has filed a mechanic's lien (one of two filings currently pending on Deutsch's place, according to PropertyShark) against architecture firm Gabellini Sheppard Associates, which he said failed to pay him after commissioning and then not using his renderings for Deutsch's house. (We've put in a message to the Gabellini Sheppard folks but haven't yet heard back with their side of the story.) Like many a high-end real estate dispute, this one's now been dragging on for a few years. But this time there's pictures! Take a look at some of Hickes's dreams for Donny Deutsch's townhouse in the gallery above.
· Official website: Andy Hickes []
· 6 East 78th Street [PropertyShark]

6 East 78th Street

6 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075

6 East 78th Street

6 East 78th Street, New York, NY