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Live (via Tape Delay) From Trump Soho Preview Night!

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Last night the doors of Trump Soho were opened for a media preview ahead of the condo-hotel's Friday grand opening. Biggest surprise: We were invited. Second-biggest surprise: There wasn't a party-crashing protester in sight. Maybe, after three years of drama, the anti-Trumpsters believe that if they ignore the 46-story tower it will go away. Or maybe, as Donald Jr. thinks, the haters have become the glassy giant's biggest fans! (Our money's on the former.) On view was the lobby, bi-level Quattro restaurant (Eater has great pics of that), a swanky lounge named Kastel, the mezzanine library and a batch of rooms up on the 26th floor?which felt like the 200th floor, because nothing nearby comes close to blocking the great views. Soho's rooftops never looked so adorable!

Speaking of Donald Jr., he was in the house, giving his pitch that Trump Soho is a Downtown game-changer. That may be the case, but the hotel (initial rates are $389/night, heading up to $500/night by fall) will face some stiff competition, from local stalwart Soho Grand to fresher, hipper fare like the Standard to under-construction neighborhood newcomers Mondrian Soho and The James New York. The Trump edge? The brand has juice on the international stage, which will also decide the building's success or failure as a condo development. Prices still start at $1.2 million for 400-square-foot studios that can only be occupied part-time.

The interior design feels precisely where Downtown luxury hotels are at right now?Thompson LES, Cooper Square Hotel, et al.?with an extra dollop of wood and earthiness. As the Daily News wrote yesterday, the building is mostly missing the trademark Trump bling (The Donald didn't actually develop the property), but there's still some flash, like the cool column of light near the entrance. But really, this building is all about looking out rather than looking in. Or, for some, not looking at all. Behold the Trump Soho!
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Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013

Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY