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South Street Seaport Redevelopment Plan Could Be Revived

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Remember when the flashy and Landmarks-despised makeover of the South Street Seaport (signature piece: a SHoP-designed 42-story condo/hotel tower where the Pier 17 mall now stands) was killed off due to the financial meltdown of the Seaport's leaseholder, General Growth Properties? Well dust off your placards, neighborhood opponents, because the project may?may?be coming back in some form.

General Growth is emerging from bankruptcy, and Downtown Express reports that the Seaport will likely fall under rule of offshoot General Growth Opportunities, which would take the properties with development potential. "Presumably," a spokesperson said, "the new company would continue to pursue the highest, best use of that property, which we felt was the proposal we put out." Ba-bam! The bankruptcy exit plan requires court approval, so this is all preliminary, but at least we have an excuse to link to photos of that glowing Seaport model again!
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