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NYU's Neighbor-Riling Expansion Plan Fully Revealed

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Holy Tisch! NYU 2031, the blueprint to the university's six-million-square-foot expansion, is now online. After four years and countless meetings with concerned community members?not to mention the occasional leak?it's all out there for everyone to see. Our advice is to go right to the Interactive Plan section, which tosses NYU's targeted expansion sites and details on each onto a Google Map divided into three districts: The "Core" of the campus (which we previewed earlier today), the greater "Neighborhood" of Canal Street up to 17th Street (be afraid) and the "Remote" possibilities of Governors Island, Downtown Brooklyn and the First Avenue Health Corridor (be very afraid).

Visual aids for many of the proposals are little more than crude sketches right now, but there are a handful of more fully-fleshed-out renderings as well. A collection of those are in the gallery above. Take it all in, have a think, and then add your own commandments in the comments when inspiration strikes.
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