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Cobble Hill's Columbia Commons Looks to Make History

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Location: 110 Warren Street, btwn Hicks Street/Columbia Street
Size: Six floors, 48 one- to three-bedroom units
Prices: Starting at $420,000 (listings not yet available)
Architect: GF55 Partners
Developer: L+M Development Partners
Sales & Marketing: Halstead
Lowdown: Cobble Hill's Hamberger Christmas Display Factory may have had the best name for a factory of all time, but the Warren Street warehouse was demolished to make way for brownstone Brooklyn's #1 import: Yuppies on the prowl for charming outer-borough livin'. At least that's how blogger Lost City sums it up while noting the progress on the development that has taken the factory's place, called Columbia Commons. The building just had its first open house, and its new website says prices start at $420K (1BRs), $595K (2BRs) and $895K (3BRs). Pretty competitive pricing for new BoCoCa construction, no? Is the BQE proximity that bad? Er, don't answer that.

Building amenities include a virtual doorman, parking garage, interior courtyard & common roof deck (advertising 4th of July fireworks views, though the explosions in the sky will again be over the Hudson River this year). Units have wide-plank floors, Bosch washer/dryers and "distressed brick and masonry touches." The building's marketing materials go through great pains to stress the history of the river-hugging Columbia Street Waterfront District and how Columbia Commons fits in perfectly. Lost City thinks the building could be doing a slightly better job:

From the website's "History" page: "Today, the mile-long Columbia Street Waterfront District neighborhood retains its elegant, charming heritage and a new forward-thinking mentality." I know my neighborhood, and while its past was many things, elegant and charming weren't any of them. Bloody, dirty, fetid, corrupt and violent, yes. Warehouse fires and the Smokey Hollow Gang. That's Columbia Commons' heritage. And not an uninteresting one at that.

"Forward-thinking mentality," by the way, is code for "Crapitecture is allowed."

Still, he says Columbia Commons is "not looking terrible," which in this part of Brooklyn is pretty much the biggest pat on the back any new project is going to get.
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Columbia Commons Condominiums

110 Warren St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Columbia Commons

110 Warren Street, Brooklyn, NY