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Village's Gourmet Garage Building Wants to Grow Up

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Back in March of 2009 the Landmarks Preservation Commission heard an application from the owners of 115-125 Seventh Avenue South proposing a rather large rooftop addition to the building best known for its Gourmet Garage supermarket. The LPC didn't vote, but issued a smackdown of sorts on the size of the addition as well as its compatibility with the existing building, which was built in the early '90s (the location is within the Greenwich Village Historic District). The team was sent back to the drawing board, and now, more than a year later, the addition is back on the LPC's docket for tomorrow's hearing, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation notes. Was the long layoff spent making the new design totally effin' amazing? We'll find out tomorrow. The GVSHP has oodles of renderings of last year's proposal. One is seen above, and another follows.

· 115-125 Seventh Avenue South [GVSHP]