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Duane Reade Rises From the Ashes of Union Square's Megastore

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Photo by Will Femia.

There was some moaning and groaning over the genericification of Union Square when plans were announced for a new T.G.I. Friday's restaurant (now under construction) in the old Zen Palate space. Hopefully those people saved some strength for this: Racked reveals that some leftover ground-floor space in the old Virgin Megastore will be a Duane Reade, the little-known mom-and-pop drugstore outfit. Hey, didn't Duane Reade just get bought out by Walgreens? Isn't there already that big Walgreens one block over? Leave us to ponder what sort of apocalypse this all portends.
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Duane Reade

East 14th Street at Broadway, New York, NY