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Hey South 'Burg: Should We Care About the M Train?

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For years (make that generations) we've been hearing about how the Second Avenue subway will boost property values in mass-transit-deprived sections of the Upper East Side into untold stratospheres. And now that South Williamsburg is so darn hot?mostly in terms of hot sauce per capita, thanks to all the trendy new BBQ joints?we're starting to hear the same thing. The transportation tipping point: The M train, which will soon take over the path of the sacrificed V line (remember the MTA's doomsday budget cuts?) once the train rumbles along the Williamsburg Bridge into the Lower East Side's Essex Street station. This means South Williamsburg will have a direct subway route up Sixth Avenue into Midtown and better access to more of Manhattan and points beyond. Game changer?

No, really, is it? So far we've found that opinion on the impact of the M switch has been mixed. Some think the new-and-improved M line will be what gives the southside true Williamsburg supremacy over those dastardly L-train-reliant northerners. Of course that leads to fears that South Williamsburg will become just as overdeveloped, which would at least help Zazza fit in a bit better with the neighbors. Then there's the camp that responds thusly: Who cares, it's the M. Ever seen one?

Reached for comment via IM, South Williamsburg resident and Eater Nightlife Editor Scott Solish responded, "its a great day for south williamsburg, a great day for new york, and a great day to be an american." Very moving, but we want to hear more from the locals. So tell us, South Wiliamsburg, should we all sign up for the Domino waiting list or what?
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