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Supreme Court Nominee's 'Comfortable' UWS Beginnings

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We were feeling a little left out of the Supreme Court nomination day action, but the folks on the StreetEasy message boards have solved that problem for us by finding what appears to be nominee Elena Kagan's childhood apartment. The 2BR, 3BA, 1,700-square-foot co-op at 320 West End Avenue, where Kagan grew up in what the Times describes as "comfortable, but not fancy" surroundings, was sold a year ago by Kagan's mother's estate for $1.325 million. But its pedigree as a legal eagle's nest wasn't enough to keep it from a PriceChop: it first went on the market in October 2008 for $1.695 million. Per the brokerbabble, it's a "RARE Rosario Candela Gem in need of Polishing." Concerned about Kagan's lack of a judicial decision paper trail? Ponder the floorplan above for clues about what kind of justice Kagan might make.
· 320 West End Ave. #3B [StreetEasy]