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Truman Capote's Heights House Asks a Cold-Blooded $18M

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The walls that watched Truman Capote write "In Cold Blood," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and other books can now be yours?for more than has ever been paid for a Brooklyn house. The 70 Willow Street property is hitting the market today with an ask of $18 million, according to the Daily News. (The borough record is a little under $12 million for a house in Gravesend.) Capote lived in the garden apartment of the 18-room, 11-fireplace mansion, which was previously available as a $40,000/month rental. We don't see a listing online yet, but a few photos were still floating around from the home's stint on the rental market. Any bets on the final sales price?

UPDATE: The listing is now online. Take a fuller look through the house in the gallery above.
· Truman Capote's 11-bedroom Brooklyn Heights mansion on the market for a record $18 million [NYDN]

70 Willow Street

70 Willow Street, Brooklyn, New York

70 Willow Street

70 Willow Street, Brooklyn, NY