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Former 'N Sync Member Buys; Fashion Mogul Wants To Sell; More!

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1) Former 'N Sync member and aspiring astronaut Lance Bass has signed a contract for a $1.495 million, 1,300-square-foot 1BR at the Chelsea Mercantile. What got Bass to sign on the dotted line, said his broker, were the low common charges. Hey, why be on the hook for high charges if Bass ever makes it into space? [Big Deal/''N Sync Member says Hi, Hi, Hi to New Condo']

2) Buried in a rundown of the pros and cons of life in the West Village are a few tidbits about Curbed favorite One Jackson Square. Twenty-five of the 30 apartments have sold, at prices from $1.7 million to $8 million. (Still on the market: that beauty of a penthouse.) [Beauty and Variety vs. Crowds and Costs]

3) For this week's hunter, turning 30 meant finally ditching the roommates and getting his own place on a $1,500-$1,600/month budget. After checking out the Bronx, Harlem, and Astoria, he settled on a 1BR in East Williamsburg's 150 Johnson Avenue. The only drawback: it's a ground-floor apartment, so he had to buy two kinds of curtains. [The Hunt/'A Former Apartment-Sharer Goes Solo']
4) The chairman of high-end fashion brand Ferragamo USA has put his Park Avenue penthouse (with home theater!) on the market for $16 million. Perhaps some shoes would make a nice concession? [Big Deal/'Ferragamo Apartment for Sale']

5) The latest short sale stats the Post has gathered from RealtyTrac don't include much city-specific data, but brokers are certain short sales are spiking. One short sale currently on offer on West 42nd Street is a 2,900-square-foot triplex that first came on the market for $2.15 million and is now asking only $1.4 million. ['Go short'/NYP]

One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006