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Hopes High, Signage Up at New Times Square Tower

It looks like the Times Square area has one less ghost tower to worry about. Despite lots of coy talk on both sides of the deal, the long courtship of law firm Proskauer Rose by developer SJP Properties to take a bunch of space in the brand spankin' new 11 Times Square tower looks ready for the commitment phase. The Proskauer name (a match of the typeset seen on the firm's website) is now prominently placed outside the building's entrance at the corner of Eighth Avenue and West 41st Street. If not quite a wedding band, that's certainly a promise ring.

Friends of the lucky lady say that once the deal is done, the top of the 40-story FXFowle-designed tower could be emblazoned with the Proskauer moniker, giving the international firm the thrill of having its name in lights overlooking the infamous Deuce (and offering residents of the nearby Orion another night light to moan about). Now that this one's decided to settle down, our thoughts turn to marrying off the very empty 785 Eighth Avenue just up the block. At least she's skinny!
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11 Times Square

Eighth Avenue and West 42nd Street, New York, NY