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Tower O' Garbage Victorious in Epic Hudson Square Battle

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Big neighbor-enraging projects of ill repute are having the best year ever! Atlantic Yards followed a long and arduous path to victory, and now the Tower O' Garbage appears to have done the same. DNAinfo reports that bids to build the controversial $280 million garbage truck parking garage (and its salt shed sidekick!) along West Street in Hudson Square are due today, and one of the local activists fighting for a smaller version of the garage calls his lingering lawsuit "a lost cause." But we can't let the Tower O' Garbage do a victory lap without a final word from one of the project's high-profile opponents, right? Right! Mad Men's John Slattery answers the call, firing off heated remarks like, "I thought Bloomberg was smarter than that." Says the old guy who married a 20-year-old! Er, on TV. Our sympathies to Urban Glass House residents.
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